WFJ-15 superfine grinder
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    WFJ-15 superfine pulverizer is a kind of vertical reflective micro grinding mill, can complete the fine crushing and powder separation at the same time the two processing procedures. It consists of the body, frame, feeding device, crushing device, discharge pipe, gear and motor, etc, supporting by the host, filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, guan wind device, cyclone collector and the electrical control cabinet, etc of a complete set of gas turbine unit micro powder. In the case of non-stop, can be arbitrary adjust the granularity. Product granularity and the fineness can reach 10-5 um, this machine has the cooling function.(example: chemical. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The root class. Class. Corn, chili, pepper, rice, naked oats, soybean, soybean meal, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, white sugar. Saccharin. Grains, dried small shrimps, pumpkin powder, condiment)

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